Tri-State-K9 is a collaborative network of search dog groups and teams located throughout the Mountain states. This collaboration includes an agreed upon set of Certification standards that teams are expected to meet before activating in the field. It is the responsibility of individual teams to abide by these expectations. Tri-State-K9 does not have an oversight committee or regulatory structure.

The main goal of this collaboration is to maintain a network of search dog teams that regularly gather to learn from one another and evaluate one another's performance to an agreed upon set of standards of performance. Agencies and other teams can call Tri-State-K9 teams with clear expectations of how these teams will perform on a search mission.

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This site provides access to current contact and certification information of all

Tri-State member groups and Search Dog teams


For interested parties, the site provides functions to search for specific resources using any combinations of

Group affiliations, Domiciles or certified search disciplines.

The resulting information can be used to contact these resources either by phone or email.